David Davalos, PhD

Mathematical Physicist (quantum physics), Applied Mathematician (Machine Learning and Financial Engineering) and Developer (Python)


I am a physicist with a strong background in Quantum Physics and Mathematics, in particular Quantum Information Theory and Open Quantum Systems. My recent experience focused in investigating the mathematical structures within the convex space of quantum channels and the interplay between quantum channels. In particular I came up with a series of decomposition theorems that have applications in Quantum Computing. Moreover, I have a solid experience leading academic research that culminated in publications in peer reviewed journals and a bachelor thesis. I have experience as lecturer at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Recently I worked as a Research Fellow in the Research Center for Quantum Information under the framework of the Slovak National Research Platform For Quantum Technologies (QUTE), and the initiative to create a quantum network in Slovakia.

Incursion in the private sector. Recently, I incursed into the private sector as researcher and developer of Machine Learning architectures, particularly I specialized in Natural Language Processing. In Techisland I worked in word embeddings. I also incursionated with AustinAI developing adapted transformers with custom token embeddings for diverse natural language processing tasks (I am still part of the team helping with literature stuff).

Currently I am searching for a permanent position in the academy or a postdoc. Also I am a freelancer ML researcher and consultant in physics (for example quantum computing and quantum information) and in ML, too.

Be welcome to my personal website, I will put here some interesting literature about my interests and future notes in physics. If you are interested on my formation and so on see my curriculum.

More about me:

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