David Davalos, PhD

Mathematical Physicist, Applied Mathematician (Data Science, Machine Learning) and Developer (Python)


I am a physicist with a strong background in Mathematics, in particular in many topics related to quantum mechanics. Also in applications of mathematics such as Machine Learning and Advanced Statistics, with experience in scientific computing. Moreover, I have a strong experience leading academic research and relatively big endeavors, that culminated in publications in peer reviewed journals. Some of them with practical applications in quantum computing.

Currently I am a Research Fellow in the Research Center for Quantum Information
under the framework of the Slovak National Research Platform For
Quantum Technologies (QUTE), and the initiative to create a quantum
network in Slovakia.
Also I am a part time developer on Machine Learning algorithms and backend at Techisland.

I am looking to apply my technical knowledge and leadership skills to solve interesting problems in the private sector.

Be welcome to my personal website, I will put here some interesting literature about my interests and future notes in physics. If you are interested on my formation and so on see my curriculum.

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